Sunday, August 5, 2007

Templar The Online Comic

Welcome to our online "ashcan" version of Templar, a five-issue comic book series by David Campbell and Ken Christiansen. Templar takes place on an earth under siege by creatures of the night and follows the adventures of Templar Knight Martin Sinclair and his team of bad ass commandos as they try to stop a demonic conspiracy in the heart of The Vatican.

On this blog you'll find all five issues of Templar in a black & white format with temporary lettering. See the archives over there? Each month has a different issue of Templar - if you click on the little arrow icon next to the month you'll get a drop down menu with each page. I know; it's not the most user-friendly platform for reading a comic. I'm working on loading it into Picasa or some other program for easy browsing.

I hope you enjoy our humble tale of automatic weaponry, valor, and the undead.

-David Campbell

Seattle, WA